The Brand Story | Pahadi Source

The Brand Story

Our founders, childhood friends and schoolmates, spent over a decade living in the fast-paced metropolis, where they became all too familiar with the negative effects of unhealthy food choices on people's health and well-being. However, their upbringing in the foothills of the great Himalayas provided them with a unique perspective on the benefits of locally-grown, pure ingredients.

Growing up, they explored the vast expanse of the Himalayan region, gaining first-hand experience of the rugged beauty of the hills, the traditional lifestyles of the local people, and the purity of the food that grows there. This experience instilled in them a deep appreciation for the goodness of pure, unprocessed ingredients and a desire to share this with others.

Thus, Pahadi Source was born - a brand that aims to bring the best of the mountains directly to the cities, where access to local, farm-fresh food can be a challenge. By sourcing directly from the source, eliminating intermediaries and processes, Pahadi source is committed to providing pure, unprocessed food products grown in natural environments, suited for the new-age, urban lifestyle.

As childhood friends and schoolmates, they have a strong bond and a shared passion for preserving the traditional ways of farming and promoting sustainable practices that protect the environment and the livelihoods of local communities. They believe that by working closely with farming and food-producing communities in the rural mountain region, they can set a new standard of purity in the artisanal health food sector at a reasonable cost.

At Pahadi Source, we strive to capture the essence of the mountains in every product we offer, from the untouched varieties of trees and shrubs, to the sustainable lifestyle of the indigenous people. Our mission is to facilitate easy availability of raw, unprocessed, and high-quality food products in urban areas, directly from the source and our vision is to provide the purest treats that the region has to offer, being true to our brand name and the mountains that we call home.


Our Vision

At Pahadi Source, we strive to be a leading provider of high-quality, locally-sourced food products while preserving the traditions, values, and environment of the mountains, and providing customers with a unique and authentic experience.


Our Mission 

"Our mission is to inspire a healthier and more sustainable future by providing access to pure, locally grown food and promoting sustainable practices. By sourcing only the highest quality ingredients directly from the mountains and working closely with local communities, we aim to educate people about the benefits of pure and natural food, while preserving the essence of the mountains and enriching the lives of urban and rural communities."


The essence of mountains

Bringing the best of what the mountains have to offer, we present to you an assortment of raw & healthy food products to your doorstep. 

The word Pahadi - meaning of, or from the mountains is associated with unadulterated, pristine elements of the hills spanning untouched varieties of trees, shrubs, and the sustainable lifestyle of indigenous people. Through Pahadi Source, we aim to provide the purest treats that the region has to offer, being true to our brand name and the mountains that we call home. 

Bearing in mind the 'farm to table' meal philosophy which has been a part of the traditional Indian diet for ages, our products are sourced directly from the source and brought to you, eliminating the processes & channels in between. Thus, providing pure & unprocessed food products, grown in natural environs & suited for the new-age, urban lifestyle.