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Our Process

With every product at Pahadi Source, we try to capture the purity of the local nature and the environment and at the same time, bring completely food-safe & nutritious products without harmful additives. 

The process of honey starts in the garden. Beehives are placed in fully-bloomed gardens where honey bees take up to 15 days to collect the nectar from the flowers, as per their natural cycle. 

Once the bees have collected the nectar, the combs are removed from the hives and placed in a special rotating device that extracts honey. The first stage after honey collection is filtering. It is done using fine cloth and the honey is filtered thrice to get rid of any external particles. Later it is warmed at optimum tempature to remove the impurities and to ensure it doesn’t get condensed. After two stages, it is safe & fit for consumption and is carefully packed to be sent to the market. 

Depending on the type of honey, it is collected at different places in the country. For example, apple honey is collected in Kashmir orchards, eucalyptus honey from the white eucalyptus forests in Uttarakhand, at the foothills of the Himalayas and so on.